BADDIES EAST - Baddies east: We gon' eat - Page 2 (2024)


After that, janet quarterback shoulder ass came running into woah vicky, making me laugh. Woah vicky was fighting back thoo, she didn't let her whoop her.

SKY INT: My bitch woah vicky was like *erttt* and got her ass whooped for Christ. do you hear me, For the blood.

TEE INT: why couldn't you just shut the f*ck up vicky ! This is not church! Like, why are you yellin all of this right now, it just was not the time.

She started looking at herself in her phone camera, as she had a big ass scratch on her face. All of a sudden, i look up & see tee muggin THE f*ck out of vicky, ian neva seen nun like it before, i burst out laughing.

SIYA INT: I dig all the prayers, from you and the lord above. Amen Jesus name & everybody up there in heaven. But it's like right now nobody wants to hear u say that, like nigg*s is really fighting for they life!

Soon enough, everyone was getting on their sprinters, heading to the club. I'm in the bus with natalie .. tee, scotty, & mariah. "Did you see janet's square up? she was like come onn," we started mocking it while laughing.

"Did you see woah vicky? she was like praise the lord y'all need Jesus da da da," scotty said making me hop up, "yess bruh, ts was not the right time." I laughed.

All of a sudden, scotty and tee start arguing. "Well calm down now you don't gotta yell." scotty said calmly. Tee popped up, "don't tell me to calm down scotty."

Scotty scrunched her face up. Replying, "Well don't yell at us?"

"IM YELLING THO. IM YELLING, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?" tee screamed making me scrunch up my face.

SCOTTY INT: "bitch shut tha f*ck up" like .. you and that annoying ass voice sound crazy. Shes giving *writes on sticky note* Psycho.

(scotty cant spell ., tammat "phsyco")

"I didnt come here for that. I came here to have fun and make music, and have good vibes. So people just need to not piss me off im not playing — im so mad!" Tee explains.

JASMINA INT: So everyone's cool, we just riding on the sprinter, when all of a sudden tee starts yelling at the top of her lungs. Um, chile, it's very much ghetto on baddies let me tell ya.

Tee then starts crying & mariah sits next to her, making me shake my head.


ONCE the baddies arrived to the club, it was soo crowded. Fans everywhere. Smiley gets out first, waving at everyone. Then ahna, camilla, and sky come out dancing! Followed by me, siya, and sehki. We enter the club, waiting for the rest of the baddies.

Once everyone is on stage, natalie takes the mic. "Hold the f*ck up dj sky! We all bout to say happy birthday to dj sky & wait! we got a new baddie, Ahna's birthday we gon do what we always do bitch its baddie baddie shot o clock baddie baddie shot o clockkk!"

Everyone starts twerking, drinking, etc etc. Having mad fun. Then I start to perform my song "point me 2"

"He off a pill nigg* ew is it even real!!?" I sing to the crowd as i point the mic to them, making them sing the next lyric.

JAS INT: Yall already know. My sh*t was turnt the f*ck uppp! I called my man, he said hi to the crowd & everything cause he couldn't come to this event. It was so much fun.

I started twerking with scotty as chrisean started performing "its a vibe". Everyone knows all the lyrics to her song, it was lit ian even gon lie.

TESEKHI INT: When they brought my sister in to perform, I was like okay, shes performing cool. Same time not cool. And, I just wanted to be like .. punching. Punching, punching, punching.

They keep on testing me, they thinkin less of me. Been thru so much so i thank God he keep on blessin me. I got the sauce, I got the sauce, I got the recipee. I seen it all, been thru it all, theres no impressing me. Its a vibee all the time, its a vibe all the timee its no surprise cant look me in my eyes, They wanna see me fall cause they know im on the rise.

FLYTATTEDSKY INT: AHHH! I knew b-more wasnt gon fail me!! Yall fire, do you see a egg anywhere?? look around. Thank you b-more for keepin it real.

Next, natalie grabbed the mic. "I want her to do her big one right now .. bigger sister! Baddest bitch! Lets go baltimore."

MS NUNN INT: Chrisean decided to leave, and her sister got the mic next, tesekhi. I wanted to make sure that I could show her that the baddies is always gonna show her love too.

These meatball bitches poppin sh*t but bitch you know I eat. Tesekhi started performing. I went next to her and started twerking as the fans & the baddies pat my butt— including tesekhi.

Once everyone after tesekhi performed, natalie decided she wanted a twerk contest, so thats what went down. Everyone was doing great, i personally think the girl in the pink skirt shouldve won.

"Baddie winnerrr!" Natalie called the girl in black ad the winner. We all left after.

While riding home from the club, Natalie received
a text from Woah Vicky stating that
she is leaving the show.

Since then, she hasn't responded
to any calls or texts from the Baddies.



Part 2 of this episode coming soon.

BADDIES EAST - Baddies east: We gon' eat - Page 2 (2024)
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