The Honorary Baddie - Two (2024)


Third Person POV

"I'm not even lying I don't know where things went left at, me and my wife got to the dinner everything was cool and then all of a sudden Jela brought back up the beef again and then her and Biggie got into it, then once Biggie left which I don't blame her, Bianca, Meatball, and Kali came in and Bianca starting fighting Sapphire" Andy let out a huff of air before shrugging.

Andy immediately grabbed Scotty and moved her out the way as he stood up before he grabbed Aubrey and covered her eyes.

"What are you doing" Scotty giggled looking at him and he responded "innocent eyes over here".

"God I love Andy" Aubrey laughed.

"Who is that" Andy asked and Scotty replied "that's Bianca, Mariah's best friend".

Andy let out an oh before asking "so why she fighting Sapphire". Scotty shrugged as she truly didn't know.

Once that fight got broken up a whole other fight started between Natalie and Kali. Andy was very familiar with who Kali was so personally he thought it would be better for Natalie just to talk it out.

By this time Andy let go of Aubrey and wrapped an arm around Scotty as they continued to stand back and watch them fight.

After the security separated Natalie and Kali, everyone started arguing with Kali and trying to fight her except for Andy, Scotty and Aubrey.

She was then lead out the building and then Sapphire and Bianca went at it again.

"Bro what the f*ck is happening" Andy said to himself still holding Scotty.

"When Andy is confused he is like a nosy but lost puppy" Scotty laughed.

"You ready to go" Scotty asked and Andy nodded his head before saying "still kinda hungry though".

Scotty grabbed his hand and started to lead the two of them out the building while saying "I'll ask the driver to take us to a different restaurant".

Time Skip

Andy was woken up by light kisses being placed on his cheek and a finger being traced around his bare chest.

He let out a soft groan before opening his eyes which made him meet Scotty's eyes.

"Hey handsome, you have to get up, I made us some breakfast so after we finish eating and getting dressed we could head to our jet" she said softly as she smiled down at him.

Andy moved his arm so it was around Scotty's hip before moving her so she was now straddling him.

"I don't know, I like the idea of skipping breakfast to do something else" Andy smirked up to her as he took in the fact that she was wearing just a bra and panties with her silk robe.

Scotty playfully rolled her eyes before saying "always thinking about sex".

She then leaned down to place a kiss on his lips but at the last second she moved and kissed the corner of his lips instead.

"Get up, brush your teeth, your breakfast is waiting for you" she said as she got off of him and walked out the room.

"Such a f*cking tease" he yelled after her making her giggle while he groaned before getting out of bed.

Time Skip

"F-f*ck Andy, r-right there" Scotty gasped as Andy pounded into her.

They were on their shared private jet and since they were sure people were going to be messy in the house and they probably won't get much time to theirselves they both figured to fulfill their desires on the jet.

"You're so f*cking tight" Andy groaned into her ear before he started sucking on her ear lobe and after a second traveled down her neck to her sweet spot.

Scotty gasped and moans were already incredibly loud, as they usually were, but they increased in volume when Andy switched his pace from slow and rough to fast and sloppy while still delivering powerful thrusts.

Her legs shook around Andy's waist as she came for the third time since they started and after a couple more thrusts Andy followed suit for the fourth time.

Andy rolled his hips against hers a couple of more times before pulling out and rolling over.

"I told you this bed would be useful" Andy said out of breath and Scotty let out a breathless laugh before hitting him in the arm.

"We have to start being careful I don't want the same thing to happen again where I end up pregnant on the show again, we agreed to wait till we were done with the show" Scotty said with a sigh.

Andy nodded his head and went to say something but was cut off by the pilots voice coming over the speaker saying that they were about to land.

A/N hey guys you missed me and Andy. It's been a minute I know but I don't want to catch up with the show and then have to wait every week just to write.

I've also been thinking about how I want to end this story whether after the next act or wait till Scotty decides she is done with baddies.

Let me know what you think of this chapter.

The question for this chapter is...

Who do you think Andy kisses? A lot of you guys were shocked by the quotes lmao so I'm curious.

If you want something of mines to read while you wait for these chapters I published two books one is Dark Paradise in the TVDU while the other is Don't Give Up On Me in the MCU. Check them out and show some love like you do here.

Until next time.

The Honorary Baddie - Two (2024)
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