Unreal Engine - Delta Zone [v19.0] [DEVOLUTION] (2024)

Well, having played the 14 release cracked, some notes/bugs:

1. Enemies drop way too little ammo for the amount needed to kill them. I get the ones with cyberware are supposed to be tougher, but the standard guys that don't look like they are armored at all, takes 3-4 headshots and like 20 bodyshots, at about 3-5 meters away (with god mode on), aiming down the sights, with the gun provided on Can I play Mommy, difficulty.

2. You also cannot scrap their guns into parts either, when killing them. Or even grab their guns.

3. The adult sliders do not work. Whether you just had tentacle sex or beforehand, but they always reset back to 0.

4. You can die from falling damage with god mode on.

5. There is this dark valley, near the exfil location on the second map (the one that starts with a hoverbike), that even in the bright daylight hours becomes so dark that its like a moonless night.

6. While getting f*cked by tentacles, humans came up and stole from me three times, and the tentacles didn't bother them at all. Sure the loot was on their bodies, but I can see how I kept falling in previous builds.

7. The gun combat is pretty terrible. Enemies don't suffer from any of the issues I have, have infinite ammo, can actually get back up from death several times, and don't have stamina or arm fatigue. I mean how fair is that?

8. My gun jams way too often. And there isn't a proper indicator that it is jammed or a noise that plays when it is jammed, so I just stop firing without any apparent reason, but then reload fixes it.

9. No reload sounds, so I often cannot tell when I've reloaded or not. EDIT = Probably related to infinite ammo being on.

10. Gun customization isn't paused, so while I'm busy and unable to see my surroundings enemies can walk and steal my sh*t.

11. Makeup options aren't saved outside of the customization menu. They display properly there, but the moment you walk away, they disappear. The rest of the body modifications do stay though, like larger tit* and nips and puss* customization.

12. Enemies respawn pretty fast. Or they are lots of people hiding in corners, because I killed off three guys in a camp, wandered about for a minute, found 3 more... killed them, wandered around for another minute, found 3 more. If I didn't have god mode on, I'd be in trouble.

Will play some more and give some more feedback.


13. You cannot physically get pregnant with tentacles. I managed with a ton of work, get to 100% pregnancy (stayed at 99% despite getting raped like 12 times by tentacles), and even then, haven't seen any belly growth or number increases for tentacles or eggs for about 5 minutes.

14. Tissues don't really work that well. I used 1 tissue, and my face cum barely changed. Used the rest of my 4 tissues, and still there is a little cum on my face.

15. Liking the new anus gaping and prolapsing.

16. The All the way Through scene has no cum ejacul*ting from the tentacles. Not too many bulges on the belly or throat from it going ATWT either, but better than nothing.

17. Would be nice if we could choose the sex animation to be played. Currently it appears random.


18. Okay after getting raped three more times by tentacles at 100%, it FINALLY started growing eggs, but they are super slow. Like gained maybe 10% in 5 minutes?

19. Gun customization seems cool... if I could scrap enemy weapons for parts that is, rather than find the odd part off a corpse.

20. For guys complaining about getting shot, they certainly take a lot of hits... even with good ammo. Like I've used HLP FMJ APN of all 556, and they do roughly the same damage. I've used 556 and 45acp of HMD and it doesn't seem to kill them much faster either.

21. Enemy sounds played are omnidirectional, and so it is really hard to pinpoint from what direction they are shouting from and without any directional indication, not sure where I'm being shot from either.

22. Ran into some kind of reddish spectre thing. Not sure what it did to me.

23. Not finding many chests in the second map. Found one and explored what feels like at least half the map already. Pretty big spacious map for sure, which is nice, but its quite easy to get lost I find.


24. Finally found a modern selector. Switched to full auto and it often doesn't fire full auto. I hold down fire button and it fires once and that is it. Isn't jammed, have good arm stamina, have ammo in clip and its still at full auto, but is firing in single shots until I reload then it goes back to full auto.

25. Really hard to find some enemies when they die. They blend in with the ground and without any corpse highlighting, if I don't see them drop, I often don't find them again.

26. While eggs are growing, I'm at 0% impregnated and the contraceptives are showing 000 then 001 then 000 then 001, constantly.

27. Basic raiders have way better than the scrap gun I start off with. They all have red laser attachments (technically green), are all full auto and their guns never jam. How the f*ck is this supposed to even be slightly fair?

28. Sunshafts constantly blink on and off and it is very distracting.

29. Appears the lack of reload sound is because I have no reload animations.

30. Despite upgrading every piece of the gun to modern, I'm still having jams pretty constantly. Totally unfair.

31. Enemies shot in the arms can still hold and aim and fire their guns. Certainly no Soldier of Fortune mechanics here, which is lame.

32. Enemies shot in the legs can still put weight on them, and walk away after falling to the ground. Not how that is supposed to work.

33. Never finding any tissues in loot. So once you are out and have cum on your face you are totally FUBAR.


34. I get massive framerate drops into single digits when near the cyberpunk city. Like the game literally freezes for several seconds.

35. Used infinite money cheat to get a full composite gun. Yeah, its decent, but honestly feels like this should be the base gun capabilities, and then have greater capabilities on top of this. Or different firing modes, like lasers, ferromagnetics (ie gauss) or energy weapons (ie pulse plasma).

36. Been playing for 40 minutes past the point now when it first said I'm growing eggs. I'm only at 38%. Besides not being able to wear a skirt, I don't see much negatives to carrying eggs around.

37. Human enemies are able to walk through the DNA gates as if they aren't there. Let one rape me, and their cum counts for tentacle pregnancy, so not sure what is going on there.

38. Corporate enemies fall to the ground and get back up mutliple times after being shot.

39. Human enemies run much faster than me, even when i'm trying to sprint.

40. Human enemies are not slowed by water, but I am.

41. Apparently need to use makeup to apply it. Apparently it is 1 makeup item per makeup piece on the body. So to get all the ones I unlocked to be visible, its like 8 makeup I need to use and each are only one-use items... unlike real-world makeup.

42. If you wear all the makeup, there is a greyish black haze in your vision that wasn't there before I applied the makeup.

43. If you are in 3rd person, and walk into those spectre things, they don't harm you at all.


44. Seems there is only one exfil spot. And after first encountering it, I couldn't find it again, so I just gave up. With no map or sense of direction, especially in those super dark areas, it felt like it would take me another hour to find it.

45. After an absolute eternity, the eggs finally hatched after what felt like 2 real time hours.

46. Travel on the hover bike is janky as f*ck. Every small dip in the terrain causes it to bob up and down violently; moreso at higher speed. And inside of hovering over boulders, I crash into them go flying and die.

Unreal Engine - Delta Zone [v19.0] [DEVOLUTION] (2024)
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