The Essential Guide On How To Make A 2024 Vision Board (2024)

Are you planning your goals for 2024? Making resolutions may be a common thing, as more than50% of American adultsdo so every year. But the more important question is, how do you achieve your goals for the new year?

Some people are more disciplined than others, while some create goals for the fun of it, while others are hardwired for success.

But what if you could make it easier for yourself to achieve your goals and dreams? Well, we have an answer for you: making vision boards.

Apopular study by TD Bankshows that 1 in 5 successful entrepreneurs use vision boards. In a study of 1,100 individuals and 500 small business owners, researchers discovered that 82% of the respondents who used a vision board achieved 50% of the goals they had on their board.

This shows that vision boards do work and you have a 50% chance of achieving your goals with this simplemanifestation technique.

In this article, we’ll show you 8 vision board ideas, and help you learn how to make a 2024 vision board.


Before we proceed with giving you 8 vision board ideas for 2024, let’s start with the reasons why you should be making a dream board for the new year.

Here are the benefits of making a vision board:


Visuals are much more effective in reminding you of your goals compared to simply writing them down.

You may want to start abusinessbut the stress of everyday life can make you forget about your dreams.

A vision board with acollageof the things you want to achieve can help to remind you of a bigger goal you may have, which can help you achieve your dreams.


Seeing images of your goals and dreams can motivate you to take action. Each time you see a yacht, a happy family, or a peaceful scene can ignite the emotions you will feel once you finally have them.

Getting excited about having your dream job or meeting your soulmate someday can help you take the necessary actions to achieve them finally.


You may have certain ideas about what success may look like but when you start cutting out images or finding pictures online for your vision board, you will become more self-aware about what you really want.

Having a clear picture of what success looks like helps you become more specific with yourgoals.


A vision board can also help you with“value-tagging.”This is a process in your subconscious where you filter out opportunities and scenarios that don’t align with your goals.

You then take better notice of the opportunities that align with your values, so you pay more attention to things that will help you reach your goals more effectively.

Vision boards help you transform a negative mindset into a positive one because the images on your board inspire you to take action toward your dream. By looking at your collage, you get to feel excited about what it would be like to finallytravel the world, earn a good salary, buy a new car, or start a family with the person you love.

You can make a vision board from scratch, such as using magazine cutouts, or you can also make a digital vision board. There are alsovision board templates, as well as clipart books, journals, and many other vision board mediums.

The Vision Cloudis a company that supports your desire to manifest your dreams and finally achieve your dreams. They have the resources to help you achieve anything, from getting your dream job to attracting a soulmate to finding happiness, and even manifesting a certain amount of money.

With the use of vision board templates, goal-setting worksheets, daily SMS of inspirational and motivational quotes, access to an exclusive Facebook community, and an invite to a yearly conference that offers vision board-making workshops, wellness activities, and meeting super attractors, you can harness the power of vision boards to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscriptionallows you to experience all these and so much more. With a mission to help people believe that anything is possible, get to experience the power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction with vision boards.

For more information on the subscription, click thislinkand discover your true capacity to create your dream life with the Universe.


Here are 8 vision board ideas you can make for a happier, more successful, and joyful 2024:


Happiness as the ultimate life goal has been declared since the time of ancient Greece, as proven by Aristotle’s statement that happiness is the ultimate goal of human existence. But how do you achieve it?

We’ve created a great article on achieving happiness andmanifesting it through vision boards, which you can find here.We talk about scientific ways to achieve it in your life, such as practicing gratitude, doing acts of kindness, and taking care of yourself.


A career can give you a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life, helping you find meaning, financial stability, and confidence. We’ve written a few career vision board articles, which you can find here.

You can make acareer dream boardby creating action plans on how to get your dream job, how to develop your skills, and how to find opportunities to further your profession in your industry.


A study shows that about30% of American adults believe in Astrology. And about70% of Americans check their horoscopeson a daily basis.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, using your zodiac sign to create a vision board for 2024 can be a fun way to harness the power of vibrations to achieve your goals.

With 2024 predictions, you can use your zodiac sign to help you decide which areas of your life to focus on. If your star sign may face financial troubles in 2024, why not make awealth vision boardso you can focus more on earning more money or investing in the new year?

We’ve also written a great article about this, which you can find here.


Speaking of financial troubles, did you know that money blocks exist? Yes, for many people, no matter how hard they work or how many attempts they make to save money, they seem to be always in debt, behind on rent, or not having enough income to fund their lifestyle.

The problem could be money blocks or limiting beliefs on finances. Create a finance and wealth vision board for 2024 to help you finally achievefinancial success.

But before you do, you need to unlearn your limiting beliefs, so you can let go and welcome the right mindset to achieve wealth.

You can find a few articles we’ve written talking about financial vision boards, but we've also made a specific article on removing money blocks, which you can find here.


With more than 50% of American adults making New Year’s resolutions each year, do you know that only9%of this number actually accomplish their goals? Yes, the majority of people who fail to fulfill their resolutions quit by mid-March, and one of the main reasons for his failure is his lack ofwillpower.

Willpower is also known as self-control, which is the ability to reject temptations that may cause a delay in accomplishing goals.

Make a willpower vision board with science-backed methods to boost your self-control. You can find a great articleabout willpower and vision boards, which we’ve written to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions and goals in general.


We’ve mentioned thepower of wordsbefore since they carry energy that can either help you manifest your dreams or block you from receiving abundance.

With the knowledge of what words to use and what to avoid for manifesting your desires, you can mold the language you use to align with your desires.

Create aLaw of Attractionvocabulary guide to help you craft your intentions better. You can also find an article we’ve written on how to make this vocabulary guide, which you can find here.


There's financial success, career success, finding love and romance, getting married, starting a family, and travel goals. But how about your spiritual wellness?

When talking about health, we automatically think aboutphysical healthand mental health, but about spiritual wellness?

Spirituality is one of the main goals of mankind, as it helps us feel connected, whether it's to a higher being, to nature, art, music, a religion, or with yourself.

Create a spiritual vision board for 2024 by using our guide, which you can find here.


And lastly, we’ve discovered an incredible concept that is known to be the secret to longevity, and it’s ikigai.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to “life purpose.” It’s about finding something that brings you joy and doing it every day. For some, it’s the hobbies they enjoy doing, such as fishing, painting, or creating craft projects, and doing it every day.

For others, it’s finding what they’re good at and being needed by the community, and for others, it’s doing something you love and getting paid for it.

No matter what your ikigai is, it’s based on doing something every day that gives you joy.

Do you know what yourikigaiis? If you don’t know yet, why not create a vision board that helps you find it? Or if you already know what your ikigai is but you’re not doing it every day, create your ikigai vision board to remind you to do more of it so you can find more joy in everyday life.

You can also find an article we’ve written talking about how to use a vision board to find your ikigai, which you can find here.

A vision board is an amazingmanifestation toolyou can use to craft the dream life you deserve. If making one at the start of the year isn’t on your agenda, then it’s about time you plan on making your vision board for 2024.

Starting from scratch can be challenging as there may be so many things you want to achieve. But don’t worry, this article is designed to help you create different vision boards for different goals.

The hardest thing to do is make that first step, so learn our tips and guides on how to make a 2024 vision board to help you get started on your new year’s goals.

Take advantage of the Universe’s power and your personal capacity to build your dream life. Use our how-to blogs on making vision boards and finally manifest everything you want to have in 2024.

The Essential Guide On How To Make A 2024 Vision Board (2024)


What is the best vision board app for 2024? ›

By now, you likely know that you want to create a digital vision board for 2024, but you're wondering how to make it happen. YouCam Perfect is the best app for vision board ideas with its pre-designed aesthetic templates, photo collages, and 300+ font styles in the Text feature.

What is the major rule for creating a vision board? ›

There is only one major rule to creating a vision board that works, and it's that there aren't any rules. You aren't going to mess it up, you can create your vision board on your own terms.

What are the categories for the 2024 vision board? ›

Organize your vision board ideas, photos, and words into six easy categories: health, career, finances, relationships, family and personal goals.

What is vision for 2024? ›

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation - Vision 2024 "Strengthen India's national statistical system to provide real-time inputs for policy and stronger dissemination practices for public."

What are the guiding questions for a vision board? ›

What goals do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve your goals? How will you achieve them? What have you always wanted to do but never had the courage to do?

What should a vision board include? ›

To create a vision board, you typically gather materials such as magazines, photographs, printed images, inspirational quotes, and other visual elements that resonate with your goals. You then arrange these items on a board or a poster, creating a collage that represents your desired outcomes.

What is vision board template? ›

Also known as a personal manifestation board, it's a great way to help figure out what's important to you and stay focused by keeping your life goals top of mind. Simply drag in images, quotes, videos, affirmations, ideas and inspiration to arrange them on the free-form canvas.

What is the best free app to create a vision board? ›

Canva: Canva is a popular and user-friendly graphic design platform that offers a wide variety of templates and tools to help you create your vision board. You can easily drag and drop images, quotes and text onto a template, and use Canva's design tools to create a visually appealing board.

Is there an app for creating vision board? ›

Milanote is the perfect tool for collecting images and inspiration to manifest your vision for the future. Create a vision board in minutes.

What is the success rate of a vision board? ›

A TD Bank survey found that one in five successful entrepreneurs use vision boards when starting their business and about 76% reported that their progress so far has aligned with their vision.

How do you make a master vision board? ›

The mechanics of creating a vision board couldn't be easier: get a piece of poster board, glue, magazines and scissors, and cut and paste to your heart's content. If you are really motivated, go to the scrapbooking section of your local art store and get some fancy stickers, colored paper or other creative materials.

Is it too late to make a vision board? ›

The short answer is NO! Start a vision board whenever it feels right for you. People get stuck into thinking creating a vision board is only for January 1st. Much like setting a New Year's resolution, they see it as something that is only right at the beginning of the year.

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