The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 3 Episode 82 - Classic Novel (2024)


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This was because of Charlie’s superb medical skills which were even better than his own ancestral medical skills. Therefore, he felt that it would be great if Xyla was fortunate enough to serve Charlie in the future, as she would have the opportunity to learn more about medicine from him.

This was also one of the reasons why he had wanted to bring Xyla along for this dinner.

Of course, the second reason was that he wanted to seek treatment from Charlie.

He had already been tortured by his internal injuries for more than half his life, but he finally had the opportunity to get healed now!

As he thought about this, Anthony gave Xyla a long look, hinting to her that she should look for an opportunity to get closer to Charlie.

Xyla understood her grandfather’s intentions immediately and her cheeks turned crimson red as she felt extremely embarrassed.

Lowering her head, she could feel a strong wave in her heart. From time to time, she raised her head slightly to look at Charlie as she squeezed her palms together.

Charlie was the most talented and skillful doctor she had ever seen. He was not only a genius, but he was also superior to others in terms of his character and appearance. It would not be an exaggeration to describe him as a rare gem in this world. However, Xyla knew very well that she would never be worthy of someone like Charlie.

Aside from Xyla, Aurora and Jasmine were also staring intensely at Charlie, and their gazes were set on him, their eyes never moving away from him.

Charlie did not realize that the three young women were all staring at him, and he simply looked up at everyone and raised his cup. After that, he smiled before saying, “Everyone, it is truly fate that allowed

me to get to know each and every one of you here in Aurous Hill. We should get to know one another better during this banquet today. Who knows if I would need any of your help in Aurous Hill in the future?”

As soon as he raised his cup, the crowd around the table also lifted their cups because they did not want to be slow.

Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, you are being too polite. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need any of our help in the future. We will definitely help you if we can.”

Anthony also spoke up at this time. “Yes, Mr. Wade. Your medical skills are simply superb, and I truly admire you very much. If you have any requests or instructions in the future, I will definitely get it done for you!”

Charlie smiled faintly before he said, “Okay! Let’s make this glass of wine count!”

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“Mr. Wade, cheers!”

Everyone drank the glass of wine together, and no one dared to put down the wine glass before Charlie did.

After Charlie had finally put down his wine glass, he took out a box that he had brought along with him.

Everyone stopped all their movements and stared at the box, filled with excitement.

They knew that the item in the box had to be the magical pills that everyone was thinking about!

Charlie looked around at the crowd of people before he spoke again. “This is the medicine that I made this time.”

Sure enough!

Everyone was extremely excited.

They could not wait to see the medicine that Charlie had concocted this time.

Opening the box slowly, Charlie revealed the ten pills nestled inside the box. Upon doing so, he said lightly, “Everyone, these are the pills that I have concocted this time, and it is at least ten times more effective than the previous pills.”

“Ten times?” Everyone exclaimed in shock.

They would have been satisfied with the same magical pill as last time, but who would have expected Charlie to make a pill that was ten times more effective than the previous one?!

At this time, Charlie spoke up again. “I dare not say that this medicine will revive the dead or turn the living into an immortal, but I know that this pill will be able to strengthen your physical body, prolong your life, and cure diseases. If you are breathing your last breath, you will be able to live a few more years after taking this medicine. However, you should be extremely cautious when taking this pill. Do not take the entire pill in one go because it might be too strong for your body to handle!”

Everyone was really surprised. How could this medicine possibly be so amazing?

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 3 Episode 82 - Classic Novel (2024)
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