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Department of Transportation MC#1110405

Same Truck on our Fliers in our Pictures. I am a CDL Licensed Master Car Hauler.

No Phone Sales Trickery. NO FAKE REVIEWS.

☑️We offer Nationwide Auto Shipping
🔅Door-to-Door Service
🔅Transporting Running or Non-Running Cars,
🔅Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats, Heavy & Oversized Equipment Etc.
🔅Multiple-Vehicle Discount!
🔅Open Transport and Enclosed Transport

**FULLY Insured, CDL Licensed, Bonded and INSURED
**24/7 Customer Service!
**Fill Out the Quote Form at www.AutoExpress123.com for a Free Quote.
***877-428-8697 / 24 hours a day/ 7 Days a Week with any Questions

LOOK US UP ON FACEBOOK @autoexp123 & Instagram @autoexpress123 - You will see what the Business really looks like - not digital marketing.
These companies advertising are scam companies with stolen google truck images. They do nothing the legal way. They cut corners and put you and your vehicle in Danger. I am the only one with a CDL and proof of Car Hauler Truck Ownership. I always have 1 of my trucks within 100 Steps from me.

Auto Express Inc. puts pressure on the SCAM Companies to lie that they own trucks and similar to us but they are not and they buy fake reviews to seem the part. Prior to they all had 1 Star Ratings and they bought their reviews.

Auto Express Inc. – Your Trusted Partner in Auto Transport Excellence
Welcome to Auto Express Inc., your premier choice for top-notch Auto Transport, Car Shipping, and Vehicle Transport services. Our commitment is built on a foundation of integrity, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all your transportation needs. Here's why you should choose us:
Prioritizing Safety and Quality

At Auto Express Inc., safety is not just a commitment; it's our top priority. We collaborate with the best drivers and employ top-notch equipment, all while offering the best prices in the industry. Our diverse fleet, which includes Open and Enclosed Car Carriers, Heavy Haulers, and Low Boy options, ensures the perfect solution for every vehicle transport requirement.

Transparency in Trucking – Avoid Scam Quotes
Beware of businesses relying on purchased reviews and providing zip code quotes. We emphasize transparency, and we want you to be cautious of those who don't. Scam quotes often lack insurance coverage, charging hefty fees without providing proper protection. Insurance companies require details, and if your quote is based solely on zip codes, it's a red flag. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage, and our reviews attest to our commitment to honesty and integrity.

Communication and Professionalism
In the world of Car Shipping, Auto Transport, and Vehicle Transport, communication and professionalism are not just virtues – they are measured standards. Choose Auto Express Inc. for an experience defined by reliability, fairness, and unwavering accountability. Our vast resources and commitment to communication set us apart in the industry.

Real Trucking vs. Telemarketing
Beware of digital marketing and telemarketing companies posing as trucking companies. Auto Express Inc. focuses on real trucking, with verified credentials in the Department of Transportation. Shady trucking companies lacking proper insurance can leave you unprotected. Auto Express Inc. clarifies the risks associated with working directly with truckers and brokers without compliance or insurance.

Built the Right Way – Auto Express Inc.
Owned by a car hauler and trucking company with over 20 years of experience, Auto Express Inc. stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. We are fully insured, bonded, and accredited, providing a transparent and efficient process. Unlike other companies, we prioritize dispatchers, drivers, and safety management over a sales team, maintaining high standards for every vehicle transport.

Educating Consumers on Scams
In the vast world of Auto Transport and Car Shipping, scams are prevalent. Auto Express Inc. encourages consumers to be cautious and conduct thorough research. Legitimate transport involves fair pricing, comprehensive protection, transparency, accountability, and professionalism. Telemarketers may promise no upfront charges but reveal hidden fees later. We, on the other hand, prioritize transparency and reliability, ensuring a smooth vehicle shipping experience.

Genuine Experience and Expertise
Auto Express Inc. has over 20 years of truck ownership and 40 years in the car hauling industry, offering extensive experience in auto transport. As a genuine car hauler with in-depth road knowledge, we guarantee the right equipment for various auto transports. Our punctuality, quality service, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart.

Avoiding Scams – Quick Tips
To avoid scams when shipping a vehicle, follow these quick tips:
1. Search the MC/DOT Number: Verify a company's legitimacy by checking its Motor Carrier/Department of Transportation number on Google.

2. Read Reviews: Trust reputable platforms like Google and BBB for authentic reviews and insights into a company's performance.

3. Ask About Protection: Prioritize protection in your vehicle transport, ensuring the company has comprehensive insurance coverage.

4. Avoid Zip Code Quotes: Quotes based solely on zip codes may lack proper insurance coverage. Choose companies that provide detailed quotes.

5. Deposit and Payment Process: Understand why a company requires a deposit and ensure secure payment processes with third-party merchants.

Trust the Professionals – Choose Auto Express Inc.
Auto Express Inc. is changing the game in vehicle transport by prioritizing safety, transparency, and professionalism.

Avoid the pitfalls of scams by working with experienced professionals who own trucks, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands. Don't fall for the traps set by telemarketing and digital marketing companies – choose Auto Express Inc. for a reliable and stress-free auto transport experience.

Connect with us on Facebook (@autoexp123) and Instagram (@autoexpress123) to see the real face of our business. Say no to scams, unreliable quotes, and inexperienced brokers – trust the professionals at Auto Express Inc. for all your auto transport needs.

Visit our website www.autoexpress123.com for more information and experience the difference with Auto Express Inc. – where excellence meets auto transport!

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⭐SAN DIEGO 🚗AUTO TRANSPORT🚙CAR SHIPPING🦽LOCAL HUB 24/7 - automotive services - craigslist (2024)
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