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What is ZYN Rewards?

ZYN Rewards is your chance to earn rewards for every can of ZYN you enjoy. Scan the QR code on the back of your can, collect points, and claim your rewards. Watch the step-by-step video here.

How do I sign up?

You are automatically enrolled once you enter the first reward code here.

Who is eligible to join ZYN Rewards?

We encourage adults 21+ who currently use ZYN Nicotine Pouches to sign up for a personal account on ZYN.com and start earning their rewards!

Can multiple people from the same household have an account?

Yes, only if each person has their own individual account on ZYN.com. Any adult 21+ who currently uses ZYN Nicotine Pouches can join ZYN Rewards by visiting ZYN.com.

Can I share my account with friends and family?

No, each account can only be registered under one name and each code can only be redeemed one time.

How do I get points?

Scan the QR code on the back of your can with a smart phone or tablet camera. Then, click the pop-up link that directs you to the ZYN Rewards site. Once logged in, you’ll receive 15 points. Select “Remember Me” to save your log in credentials. Enter up to 60 codes per month and look out for special offers.

Can I buy points?

You cannot purchase points directly. You can only earn points by scanning the QR code or manually entering your codes.

How can I see my current points balance?

Your current points balance can be found in the points display box on ZYN.com/Rewards, or in the upper, right corner of the website for easy reference. You can also view your points balance and reward history in My Account.

How can I view my reward point history?

You can view/edit your account information and review your reward points history in My Account.

How many codes can I enter per month?

You can enter up to 60 codes per month.

How do I scan my code?

  1. Open the Camera App on your smart phone
  2. Hover your phone over the QR code on the back of the can
  3. Once the link pops up, click it
  4. Log into your ZYN.com account (if you aren’t already)
  5. Hit the button with the arrow to submit your code

Can I enter codes on my desktop computer/laptop?

Sure, no problem! Below every QR code is a string of letters and numbers. (It’s the same code as the QR Code.) Simply log into ZYN.com on your desktop computer, go to the ZYN Rewards page, type your code in the allotted space, and hit the button with the arrow to submit. Keep in mind that codes contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Do I have to log into my account every time I enter a code?

When entering multiple codes, you should only have to log in when you scan your first code — all subsequent scans should bypass the login page.

However, our website does time out after 15 minutes inactivity. So if it’s been more than 15 minutes since your last scan, you’ll have to log in again.

(Tip: Allowing your browser to save your credentials makes the login process remarkably easier.)

I don’t see a QR code… how do I enter my code?

Simply flip your can over and peel the back label where indicated — you should see 16- or 11-digit code. Log into your ZYN.com account (if you aren’t already), visit the ZYN Rewards page, and enter your code where indicated. Keep in mind that codes contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. Some of the most often confused letters and numerals include: Cc; Pp; Oo; Ss; Uu; Vv; Ww; Xx; 0(numeral) and O(uppercase “o”); and I(uppercase “i”) and l(lowercase “L”).

My code isn’t working… what should I do?

Reminder: Codes can only be entered for points one time. If you’re manually entering codes, keep in mind — codes contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.

If you’ve double-checked the above and your code still isn’t working — or you have other questions about Rewards — please contact Consumer Care here.

Are points automatically added to my account?

Yep! As long as you enter your code correctly and hit the button with the arrow (submit), your points will be automatically added to your account.

The website says codes contain a “mix of uppercase and lowercase letters”. My old can only has upper case. How do I enter it?

No worries! Just enter the code as it appears on your can. If your code only features uppercase letters, only enter uppercase letters.

The QR codes aren't available at my store yet. When will I see them?

QR code cans will start taking over shelves throughout the remainder of 2023. We anticipate all varieties will be transitioned before the end of the year.

Why is the QR code on the outside of the can? Are you doing anything to protect against stores stealing codes?

Great question! YES. We have a system in place to identify fraudulent behavior. However, if you feel your code was somehow stolen, please contact Consumer Care here.

Will my points expire?

Your points will only expire if you go 6 months without redeeming any codes. See the full Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Can I use my points at a store to buy more ZYN?

No, points can only be redeemed for rewards at ZYN.com/Rewards.

How do I redeem my points for rewards?

To redeem your points for the reward of your choice, simply add the item to your cart, confirm your shipping information, and submit your order. Then, we’ll deliver it right to your door!

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, shipping is always free!

Will the same reward items always be available?

No, limited-edition ZYN apparel and other reward items will be updated periodically to ensure a fresh reward selection.

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can claim?

There are no current limits on how many rewards you can claim, however, program limits and item availability are subject to change at any time. See the full Terms and Conditions to learn more.

I chose a gift card as my reward. How and when will I get it?

You'll receive an e-gift card by email with an activation code and instructions on how to start using it. It may take up to one week for this email to arrive.

Can I track my items?

Yes, after you place a reward order, you’ll receive an email confirming that your order has been placed. Then, we’ll send you another email that includes tracking information once your order has shipped.

Can reward items be sent to a P.O. box?

Yes, if you order a larger reward item and the package is too large to fit in your P.O. box, it will usually be held at that Post Office location for you to pick up. It’s always a good idea to check with your local Post Office for more information on their specific policies.

How long does it take to receive rewards from the ZYN Rewards program?

The processing time for ZYN Rewards items varies, but it typically takes 4 to 6 weeks from the date of redemption. We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure that your rewards are delivered promptly. If you have any concerns about the status of your reward after the specified timeframe, please contact our Consumer Care team.

My item never arrived. What do I do?

Please Contact Us for help!

I received the wrong item, or an extra item that I didn’t order. What do I do?

Please Contact Us for help!

FAQ: Ingredients, How To Use, Freshness and more (2024)


What is ZYN used for? ›

ZYN is marketed as a tobacco-free alternative to smoking

The pouches come in flavors ranging from cinnamon and citrus to coffee and peppermint.

What do nicotine pouches do to your body? ›

Addictiveness: Nicotine pouches and other nicotine products can be addictive due to the presence of nicotine, regardless of the delivery method. Side effects: The side effects associated with nicotine pouches can vary from person to person, including mouth or gum irritation, nausea, and nicotine dependence.

Does ZYN have caffeine? ›

The Future of Caffeinated Nicotine Products

Overall, Zyn's coffee-flavored nicotine pouches represent a bold new direction for the nicotine pouch industry. By combining the energizing effects of caffeine with the satisfying buzz of nicotine, Zyn has created a product that is as innovative as it is delicious.

How much does a can of ZYN cost? ›

A can of Zyn costs about $5 for about 15 pouches (in a variety of flavors) that contain various amounts of nicotine and are absorbed in a person's gum and lip over an hour, then spit out.

Is ZYN good for your brain? ›

Is Zyn safe? While specific long-term health effects of nicotine pouches like Zyn remain unknown, youth use of nicotine in any form is unsafe. Nicotine use during adolescence can disrupt the formation of brain circuits that control attention, learning, and susceptibility to addiction.

Are nicotine pouches bad for your teeth and gums? ›

The most plausible hypothesis that explains the relationship between ONPs and periodontal disease is that the primary toxic component of nicotine pouches, namely, nicotine, interacts with host cells and affects inflammatory responses to microbial challenges. It may directly or indirectly deteriorate periodontal tissue.

What are the 5 negative effects of nicotine? ›

Nicotine on direct application in humans causes irritation and burning sensation in the mouth and throat, increased salivation, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

Are ZYN pouches bad for your gums? ›

Zyn and mouth soreness

Nicotine pouch users hold the pouch to their gum for up to an hour, which may cause a sore mouth or gum irritation.

Do nicotine pouches affect your heart? ›

When nicotine enters the bloodstream, it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. “It probably has a small, but real effect on your cardiovascular risk,” Jonathan Foulds, Ph. D., a professor of public health sciences and psychiatry at Penn State University College of Medicine, told The New York Times.

What are all the chemicals in ZYN pouches? ›

ZYN nicotine pouches

The pouch contains fillers (maltitol and microcrystalline cellulose), a stabilizer (hydroxypropyl cellulose), pH adjusters (sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate), a nicotine salt, food grade flavorings, and a sweetener (acesulfame K).

Is ZYN real nicotine? ›

The FDA said smokers who switch to snus reduce their risk of lung cancer, bronchitis and other diseases. Zyn excludes the tobacco leaves found in snus, leaving only nicotine, which Philip Morris says increases its appeal.

What is a ZYN made of? ›

ZYN is a thin white pouch that contains white powdered nicotine. Other ingredients in ZYN include food-grade additives, fillers, a stabilizer (hydroxypropyl cellulose), pH adjusters, noncaloric sweeteners, and flavorings.

Is it hard to quit Zyn pouches? ›

Quitting nicotine pouches can be challenging but the good news is that individuals can quit Zyn with similar strategies to quitting other nicotine products.

Why are zyns so popular? ›

It's called Zyn, a brand of nicotine pouches that are gaining popularity, especially among younger demographics. Some proponents of the pouches say it gives them a rush, while others hope it'll help them kick a smoking habit.

What company owns Zyn? ›

Zyn pouches are designed to be placed between the gum and upper lip and are available in several variants with different nicotine strengths and flavors. Unlike snus, these pouches contain no tobacco. The brand was created by Swedish Match, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International since 2022.

Will zyn pouches break a fast? ›

ZYN explains that one ZYN pouch contains ”less than 1% of the daily recommended carbohydrate allowance”. This, as mentioned, translates to less than one calorie. That said, with such a minuscule level, nicotine pouches generally do not break the fast.

How long does nic sick last? ›

Nicotine poisoning usually happens in two stages. Symptoms typically last an hour or two after a mild overdose and up to 24 hours for severe poisoning. You'll get early symptoms within the first 15 minutes to an hour. Late-phase symptoms are more like winding down.

What type of drug is ZYN? ›

Zyn (stylized in all caps as “ZYN”) is a brand of nicotine pouches originating in Sweden. Zyn pouches are designed to be placed between the gum and upper lip and are available in several variants with different nicotine strengths and flavors. Unlike snus, these pouches contain no tobacco.

What is the difference between Zonnic and ZYN? ›

They're discreet, spitless, and used by placing them between the gum and lip, where nicotine is absorbed. Zyn is known for its variety of flavors and strengths, catering to different preferences, while Zonnic is often recognized for its role in nicotine replacement therapy.

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