Beware of White House Black Market Sale Scam on Facebook: Fake 80% Off Discount - Snoopviews (2024)

Did you come across a post on Facebook that says White House Black Market is giving out 10 clothes for $59? Beware! It’s a scam. Lately, there has been a rise of fake websites impersonating WhiteHouseBlackMarket clothing brand. These fraudulent websites use White House Black Market logo, product inventories, and website design to deceive unsuspecting social media users.

During our investigations, we discovered the following fraudulent websites pretending to offer White House Black Market 80% off sale;,,, etc.

The websites are all recently registered, lack reputation, use copied contents, and might have some sort of malware running in the background. They have also copied the legit White House Black Market contact details and address.

Here’s a detailed article on how the scam works and how to stay protected;

White House Black Market Sale Scam: How It Works

  • The scam begins by targeting lovers of White House Black Market clothing brand using Facebook Ads
  • Then proceed to entice the victims with fake 80% discount
  • Fake reviews on the comment section are used to create a sense of authenticity and make people lower their guard.
  • Phrases like ‘limited sale’ ‘only for today’ are written on the Ad to make people quickly click on the URL in order not to miss the sale.
  • Potential buyers are deceived with a spoofed look-alike website of
  • Immediately buyers make payment, the scam kicks off; the fraudsters either send a fake tracking info or nothing at all.

Immediately the scammers receive payment from the buyers, they cease communication and disappear into thin air. Once there are bad reviews online about the fake website, the scammers shut it down and creates another website. The scam continues.

Beware of White House Black Market Sale Scam on Facebook: Fake 80% Off Discount - Snoopviews (1)

Why you should Protect Yourself from This Scam

The Seasalt Cornwall Sale Scam on Facebook falls under the category of online shopping scam. The scammers use impersonating tactics to make people think they’re shopping from a Seasalt Cornwall online store.

Aside from failing to deliver the items bought, this scam could also involve the following frauds;

  • unauthorized charges on credit cards
  • Automatic VIP membership subscription – Some dubious online stores often add customers into a subscription plan without their notice. Victims get charged a monthly subscription fee for unwanted items such as online health magazines etc.
  • Malware infestation to steal customer’s data

What To Do If You Fell For The White House Black Market Scam Sale Online

Cancel your credit card

Immediately call your financial provider and cancel your credit card. By so doing, the credit card details you used for your transaction on would become null and void.

Request for a new card

After the old credit card has been cancelled, ask for a new card, it doesn’t cost much to get one.Your credit card issuer will issue you a new one with different numbers.

Report the Fraud To Relevant Authorities

Report the scam to relevant authorities and organizations. This includes:

  • Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): If you are in the United States, you can file a complaint with the IC3 at
  • Your Local Consumer Protection Agency: Contact your local consumer protection agency or the equivalent regulatory body in your country.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): File a complaint with the BBB if the online store is based in the United States.

How To Spot Fake Discount Sales

Check the Company’s Social Media Accounts & Official Websites

The first step you should take is finding out if the giveaway has been posted on the company’s social media accounts. If it hasn’t, the giveaway is likely a scam.

Check For Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

Scan the clearance post. Do you notice bad grammar, missing words, or spelling mistakes? These are red flags for a scam. Any company can make a minor mistake when typing out a win notification. However, multiple or glaring errors are a bad sign.

Check Website Registration Age

How old is the website? The domain age of a website tells a lot about a store’s legitimacy or transparency. Websites below 6 months old are often considered unsafe. You can find out a website’s age by checking on ( a free domain checker tool)

Find Out If The Website Used Has SSL Encryption

find out if the website is secured with SSL encryption. (https and padlock symbols). If the padlock symbol doesn’t appear near the website’s URL, then it means your personal and financial information is at risk at the store.

Search for Reviews Online

Are there reviews or posts about the clearance sale online? It’s common for various news outlet to carry information about legit discount sales. By searching for reviews online you could also come across warning posts or complaints.

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Beware of White House Black Market Sale Scam on Facebook: Fake 80% Off Discount - Snoopviews (2024)
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